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July 26

Hackers Love Companies That Don't Use Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s remarkable just how many significant security breaches could have been prevented if only multi-factor authentication technology had been deployed.

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July 20

Lack of Multi-Factor Authentication Compromises Data of 21 Million Timehop Users

Data Breach Friday: Timehop, a social networking app that lets people reminisce the good ol' days by gathering and linking old posts from its users' social media accounts, suffered a stunning data breach recently that compromised names, email addresses, and phone numbers of up to 21 million users.

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July 06

Adidas Warns U.S. Online Shoppers to be on Alert After Data Breach

Data Breach Friday: Adidas placed a warning to its online U.S. shoppers that their personal information may have been accessed during a suspected data breach last week. The footwear giant first became aware of the incident on June 26 and analysts are saying that millions of customers could be affected.

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July 05

Millennial Versus Mature – Who's the Real IT Security Risk?

Passwords have been the mainstay for securing applications, devices and the data they hold, pretty much ever since IT was invented. It’s an approach that has always had weaknesses though, mostly because few of us can keep long, complex codes safely in our heads.

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June 29

Time for Another MASSIVE Data Breach – Nearly All Adult Americans’ Personal Data Exposed by a Data Mining Firm

Data Breach Friday: Still recovering from the Equifax data breach? Not sure how some company that you had never heard about before was keeping a check on your finances? Well, you have more worries to add to that list of questions because there is another company storing data on hundreds of millions of Americans, and storing it on a publicly accessible server…

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June 28

4 Loopholes to Close in Your Data Recovery Plan

Higher education institutions carry a double burden when it comes to data security: They possess a great deal of information that hackers find attractive, and their need for open, flexible access makes it harder to secure their networks.

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June 22

MD Anderson Cancer Center Fined $4.3 M for Data Breach

Data Breach Friday: An administrative judge fined The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center $4.3 million Monday. The fine is for violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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June 21

Strengthen Cloud App Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s a fact: Many cloud applications rely primarily on a username/password combination for secure access. That may be music to a hacker’s ears, but it’s not what IT security teams want to hear.

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June 15

This Company Was the Latest to Suffer a Data Breach. Its Reaction Was Perfect

Data Breach Friday: A data breach is never good news, but MyHeritage's response to customers deserves recognition.

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June 14

5 Key Areas Where You Need Multi-Factor Authentication Now

From cloud applications to digital workspaces—and everywhere in between—your organization has more points of access vulnerability than ever. Learn how multi-factor authentication can make access more secure in five key areas, without making it more difficult for legitimate users.

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June 08

Hacker Stole 26 Million Email and Home Addresses of Ticketfly Users

Data Breach Friday: The data breach of the ticket and event company Ticketfly exposed the email addresses and other personal data of more than 26 million people, according to an analysis by Troy Hunt, of

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June 07

What You Need to Know About The GDPR: How It May Affect Your Business

The GDPR is a giant leap forward for online rights. Not only is it about keeping individual data safe and secure, but it’s about firms and companies taking responsibility for their hand in possible data leaks.

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June 01

Amazon's Echo Privacy Flub has Big Implications for IT

Data Breach Friday: Amazon has confirmed that one of its Echo devices recorded a family's conversation and then messaged it to a random person on the family's contact list. The implications are terrifying.

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May 31

Keep Your Data Secure with a Layered Approach

You need to understand the advantages to a multilayered approach in order to deploy an effective data security program.

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May 25

T-Mobile Data Breach Shows Importance of Securing Internal Tools

Data Breach Friday: A flaw in T-Mobile's website allowing anyone to access customer data highlights the need for internal audits and authentication.

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May 23

Roaming Mantis Malicious Redirection Campaign Preys on Android, iOS and PC Users

A recently discovered DNS hijacking campaign that was found spreading banking trojan malware to Android smartphone users largely in Asia has expanded it's reach to iOS and PC users as well, while targeting speakers of 27 different languages.

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May 18

Chili's Doesn't Leave Data Breach on the Back Burner

Data Breach Friday: Southwestern/Texas-themed restaurant chain Chili’s has become the latest victim of a data breach involving the heist of point-of-sale information from payment cards — and the alacrity with which it has admitted the incident is notable.

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May 17

Five Critical Layers of Protection to Ensure Data Security

With businesses holding more data than ever before, the frequency of cyber breaches grows exponentially. A recent survey showed that there were over 1,792 reported data breaches in 2016 alone. The breaches compromised almost 1.4 billion data records.

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May 09

Breaches Drive Consumer Stress over Cybersecurity

As major data breaches make headlines, consumers are increasingly worried about cyberattacks, password management, and data security. Let authen2cate ease your worries with our IAM solutions!

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May 04

Twitter Passwords Exposed: Change Yours Right Now

Data Breach Friday: Twitter announced today (May 3) that it had accidentally "unmasked" user passwords by storing them unencrypted in an internal log file. The company didn't say how many user accounts were involved or how long the possible exposure lasted.

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May 03

Protect yourself on World Password Day by using authen2cate

On May 3rd, we join the rest of the world in recognizing World Password Day. World Password Day takes place on the first Thursday of May each year and serves as a day to revisit and reflect on our password and cyber security habits. Learn how authen2cate (A2C) can protect you all year long – not just for one day.

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April 27

Breaches Expose 50,000 Student and Teacher Records at Leon County Schools; More Districts Likely Affected

Data Breach Friday: The records of roughly 50,000 students, parents, teachers and staff members from the Leon County Schools (LCS) District in Tallahassee, Fla. were compromised in two related breach incidents involving a third-party education services provider.

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April 25

RSAC 2018 in Review: Highlights, Key Sessions and Emerging Industry Trends

Last week, the RSA Conference 2018 drew 45,000 attendees to San Francisco’s Moscone Center for a week of education on the latest security trends, threats and solutions.

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April 19

Malware Attack on Vendor to Blame for Delta and Sears Data Breach Affecting ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of Customers

Data Breach Friday: Delta Air Lines and Sears Holding Corp. disclosed a data breach that may have exposed the payment card details of hundreds of thousands of online customers.

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April 13

Panera’s Data Breach Puts Attention on the Risks of Loyalty Programs

Data Breach Friday: Panera Bread last week became the latest company hit by a data breach, acknowledging that customer information was vulnerable on its company website for at least eight months.

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April 06

Card Data Stolen From 5 Million Saks and Lord & Taylor Customers

Data Breach Friday: Saks has been hacked — adding to the already formidable challenges faced by the luxury retailer. A well-known ring of cybercriminals has obtained more than five million credit and debit card numbers from customers of Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor, according to a cybersecurity research firm that specializes in tracking stolen financial data.

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March 30

Under Armour Says 150 Million MyFitnessPal Accounts Hit by Data Breach

Data Breach Friday: 150 million usernames, emails, and passwords have been compromised in a hack of the MyFitnessPal app. If users reused their password anywhere else, those accounts are compromised as well if multi-factor authentication isn't enabled!

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March 14

Who Owns Identity and Access Management?

This editorial looks to solve the issue of security being seen as a roadblock to getting things done. If security is an inconvenience, people will circumvent it and it protects no one!

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March 09

Equifax Data Breach Affected 2.4 Million More Consumers

Data Breach Friday: The massive Equifax data breach affected even more people. The startling total is now 147.9 million U.S. consumers who had their information stolen by hackers.

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March 02

Key Lessons Learned from Data Breaches Caused by Privilege Abuse

Data Breach Friday: Privileged account abuse tops the list of the most dangerous threat patterns. It is relatively easy for insiders to steal sensitive data, but it can take organizations months or even years to detect and investigate such incidents.

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March 01

Top Five Ways to Improve Your Company’s Password Security

While the password may seem archaic, it still acts as the first line of defence against hackers. We outline five ways companies can improve their password hygiene to better protect themselves in an increasingly hostile digital world.

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February 23

Allscripts Ransomware Attack: Lawsuit Already Filed

Data Breach Friday: A week after Allscripts was hit with a ransomware attack that disrupted patient care services of hundreds of its healthcare clients, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the cloud-based electronic health records vendor for allegedly "failing to secure its systems and data from cyberattacks, including ransomware attacks."

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February 22

Seven out of 10 Customers Would Boycott a Brand That Mishandled Their Data

Most customers (69%) would boycott a brand if it repeatedly showed no regard for protecting customer data, a YouGov survey reported.

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February 16

Uber Data Breach Aided by Lack of Multi-Factor Authentication

Data Breach Friday: For Uber CISO John Flynn, having to explain the company’s massive 2016 data breach to a senate hearing was never going to be an easy day out.

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February 14

Cybersecurity is 'Greatest Concern' at Senate Threats Hearing

At the Senate Intelligence Committee’s annual "Worldwide Threats" hearing, the top US intelligence agencies put technology front and center.

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February 09

The Cost of a Data Breach in 2018

Data Breach Friday: 58 data records are stolen every second at an average cost of $141 each. Trading in intellectual property and personal data is so widespread that someone invented a calculator that can estimate the potential harm to your own business.

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February 06

A Safer Internet Needs Smarter Fraud Defence

Safer Internet Day is upon us on February 6. Although the national day is run for the benefit of young digital natives, aiming to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology, it’s a good marker for people of all ages to consider how they stay safe online.

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January 29

Data Privacy is for Life, Not Just for a Day

Data Privacy Day is observed on January 28th each year. As well as being an awareness day, it also commemorates the January 28 1981 signing of Convention 108; the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. So, in line with this international holiday and the greater ‘stay safe online’ movement, here’s our top tips on how to keep your SME safe from cyber criminals.

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January 24

Hackers Will Target Small Business Through the Internet of Things in 2018, New Report Says

A new report finds hackers are poised to target small businesses that use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to gain access to data from larger global firms in 2018. The 2018 Cybersecurity Predictions by Aon’s Cyber Solutions predicts a small business Internet of Things (IoT) breach will create a domino effect that damages a larger company.

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January 17

Why is Multi-Factor Authentication so Important?

A password isn’t enough for modern day security – it’s time to layer up.

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January 12

Winter Olympics 2018 Under Siege From Hackers, McAfee Warns

Data Breach Friday: The Winter Olympics set to take place next month in Pyeongchang, South Korea, are under siege from hackers, a leading cybersecurity company has found.

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January 05

The Great Data Breach Disasters of 2017

A week hardly passed this year without a major data breach to remind us of how precarious the state of security was throughout 2017. And while I’d love to report otherwise, you’d be hard pressed right now to find anyone in the know who thinks things are looking up.

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December 21

Cybersecurity and Privacy Predictions for 2018

The past year in cybersecurity has been one of combating ransomware extortion attacks, bracing systems against DDoS attacks and securing internet of things (IoT) systems. Looking to next year, cybersecurity experts at McAfee Labs laid out their predictions for the industry's top concerns in 2018.

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December 13

Top Cybersecurity Risks in Education

In this blog post, we'll highlight the main concerns of educational organizations worldwide using feedback gathered from IT specialists working for educational institutions. authen2cate works with higher education customers to help them with identity management strategy and implementation.

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December 07

Hackable Holidays: Dangers of Toys That Spy on Kids

Smart toys that connect to the internet are at the top of kids’ wish lists this year, but experts say the toys can be used to spy on them and expose children to predators.

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December 01

Uber Paid Hackers $100,000 to Keep Secret a Massive Data Breach In 2016

Data Breach Friday: Uber Technologies Inc paid hackers $100,000 to keep secret a massive breach last year that exposed the data of some 57 million accounts of the ride-service provider, the company said on Tuesday. Could authen2cate's services help prevent future risks?

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November 30

5 Ways Users Circumvent Security Measures and How to Prevent It

Workers usually choose convenience over security, especially if you force them to jump through too many hoops. But there are steps you can take to shift the balance back in security's favor.

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November 22

How To Give Your Parents The Security Talk This Thanksgiving

Explaining why you shouldn't use the same password for every account can be difficult. Here's some help.

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November 13

Privileged Account Management Remains Problematic

A new survey finds that 86% of security pros do not consistently change privileged account passwords, and 40% of respondents don't change default admin passwords! A proper IAM solution like Authen2cate's is essential to safeguarding these critical accounts.

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November 10

Jaywing Suffers Data Breach Affecting CollectPlus, Vodafone, and Other Clients

Data Breach Friday: It appears little personal information was obtained, but internal documents and other info for UK firm Jaywing's clients were publicly accessible on its intranet for over a month! Perhaps this could have been avoided if 2-Factor Authentication was required for access...

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