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A2C Mobile Overview

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A2C Mobile is the most secure way to do 2-Factor Authentication, and also the most cost-effective. By leveraging your employees’ devices (BYOD), you can secure access to your applications for far less than traditional methods.

Our reporting tool will give you full auditing of everyone who accesses your applications. A2C Mobile’s capabilities include:

Multi-Factor Authentication via Push

A2C Mobile can generate a secure push notification for a user to log into your portal or any application with Multi-Factor Authentication enabled. After entering a password, the user receives a push notification with information about the login attempt (the portal or application name, the date/time of the request, and the IP address and approximate location of the request), and they can approve or deny the access attempt. Users will also immediately know about fraudulent access attempts when they receive a push notification that they did not initiate.

Offline Passcode

If a user needs to log into an application while offline (such as on an airplane), A2C Mobile can generate a one-time passcode (OTP) specific to the user and their device. The user simply enters the OTP at the login screen, and they are fully authenticated. This feature allows 2-factor authentication to be utilized in virtually any login situation, so users can always securely connect.

Password Reset

Your users can securely initiate and complete a password reset 24/7/365 from their mobile phone. Users no longer have to rely on contacting a help desk or IT support staff to change their password, saving your company money on support costs and increasing productivity. And, because a mobile device with an authentication app can be thoroughly vetted and directly associated with a user’s corporate account, IT can be assured that password reset attempts will not be unauthorized or fraudulent.

Account Unlock

If a user’s account has been locked after too many failed login attempts, they can securely initiate and approve their own account unlock using A2C Mobile rather than using your IT staff’s valuable time and resources.

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