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Users can have both security and convenience

In a fast-paced world where technologies are always changing, people often seek products that offer convenience and efficiencies. Often times, people may be compromising security to take advantage of these conveniences. According to a study commissioned by Dell, "41% of workers may bypass their company's security policies. 57% say it's the most efficient way to get work done." Thankfully, with Authen2cate, you don't have to compromise security to meet those needs.

Authen2cate's unified Identity and Access Management solution offers a seamless and simple experience for all users while adding another layer of security. How can Authen2cate make your life easier and more secure?

  • Single Sign-On Portal: Sign in once to your customized portal and get instant, secure access to all your apps in one central platform.

  • Mobile App: Three benefits all in one application. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication to add another layer of security to your applications. Securely reset your passwords straight from the app. And lastly, unlock your account if you completed too many failed login attempts.

Authen2cate's solution is simple, secure, and seamless for all users and administrators.

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