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Single Sign-On

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Authen2cate provides a secure, scalable, and highly available IAM (Identity and Access Management) platform that allows any organization to quickly and securely implement SSO, 2-Factor Authentication, and Automated Provisioning.

Authen2cate provides a full service, enterprise class Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication solution that is more secure than even the strongest password. We use the latest authentication technologies to protect and simplify the way you access your applications from virtually any device.

  • Single Sign-On will reduce your help desk calls by 40%
  • No servers, no development required
  • We make it easy. Use our API to plug into our IAM platform or let Authen2cate handle everything: integration, support, and implementation
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Additional security via SMS/text message, phone, smartphone push, or biometrics
  • Thousands of applications already available

Selecting Authen2cate as your cloud-based Single Sign-On provider helps ensure that staff and employees experience a simple, secure, and flexible solution to accessing all of their cloud and web applications, whether they are Internet-facing or hosted within your organization.

  • Applications can be hosted anywhere
  • Leverage your current Active Directory credentials
  • Customized portal becomes a launch point for all applications or use our API to directly authenticate
  • Built-in Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Browser extension/plugin options

Single Sign-On: Your Customers

In the never-ending world of mergers, acquisitions, legacy systems, and new developments, the number of applications an organization may want its customers and consumers to access is always growing. In addition, it is a struggle to provide simple, secure, and consistent access to these applications. Authen2cate specializes in understanding our clients’ unique business and use cases and designing solutions that allow them to easily and securely access resources. Let Authen2cate plug into your website to protect your company and streamline access for your customers. Our solution makes user management quick and easy, and it can even be automated.

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