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  Authen2cate is your trusted Multi-Factor Authentication & Single Sign-On provider for any device, on any platform

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The authen2cate Solution

Reduce Security Risk

Multi-Factor Authentication protects your data from attack by adding another layer of security.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Establish policies to meet compliance standards and protect your business.

Simple User Experience

Provide a smooth and intuitive process to access your applications.

Increase ROI

Security costs money.
Data breaches cost more.

We Are authen2cate

Multi-Factor Authentication

Easily generate one-time passcodes without the cost and hassle of hardware tokens.

Mobile Application

Offline passcodes, account unlocking, password resets, and authentication pushes... all on your mobile device.

Single Sign-On

Integrating a smooth and intuitive end-user experience for access to all of your applications.

Directory Services

Our flexible options can provide a primary directory in the cloud for all your enabled applications, or leverage your internal directory.

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