Directory Services

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Authen2cate provides a number of directory-related services to meet our clients’ needs. We can act as the primary directory in the cloud for all your enabled applications or leverage your internal directory (LDAP or AD) as the primary source for user identities.

Whether you are hosting your own directory services, searching for a reliable company to host them, or a combination of both, Authen2cate has a solution that’s right for you.

A2C Universal Directory

Authen2cate provides a universal directory with many useful benefits. The directory can be used as your primary directory, as a secondary directory for users that you may not want to include in your primary AD, or a duplicate directory as a backup if your primary AD is unavailable.

A2C Connect

Authen2cate can also connect to an organization’s AD or LDAP services using our secure A2C Connect proxy. The proxy is installed behind the protection of your firewall and creates a secure connection with the Authen2cate IAM platform.

Advanced Directory Services

Authen2cate’s advanced directory services allow the use of multiple disparate directories to authenticate users. Companies often merge and purchase new systems that use proprietary directories. We seamlessly check all directories to securely authenticate the user and allow access to the assigned applications.

Meeting compliance requirements can be overwhelming and difficult when you manage your user directory on your own. Authen2cate not only aids in managing your directory but also provides comprehensive reporting and automated provisioning and de-provisioning.  

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