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How does Multi-Factor Authentication Increase ROI?

Implementing a Multi-Factor Authentication solution can ultimately save you money, time, and resources. Multi-Factor Authentication allows for seamless access for the users while also adding another layer of security to decrease your risk of a data breach. You can have both security and convenience and still be cost-effective.

Cost of a Data breach

The cost of a data breach, including loss of business and consumer trust can be detrimental for an organization. Data breaches aren’t 100% preventable as hackers are always progressing but Multi-Factor Authentication can help keep the wrong people from accessing sensitive information. The financial cost of a data breach can often push a small to medium company out of business once fines are distributed and customers are lost.

How A2C Mobile Affects ROI

A2C Mobile has multiple functionalities including MFA pushes, Password Reset, and Account Unlock. If a user needs to reset their password or unlock their account, they can now do it securely and seamlessly through the A2C Mobile app instead of calling a help desk or contacting IT support staff.

How does this save you money?

Running a help desk can be costly. Cost per support ticket can vary from $10 to $25, or even higher. Your users can securely initiate and complete a password reset or account unlock 24/7/365 from their mobile phone. Users no longer have to rely on contacting a help desk or IT support staff to change their password, saving your company money.

How does this save you time?

40% of all help desk calls are to handle password-related issues. Reducing the amount of time IT staff spend on support tickets, allows them to use their valuable time and resources on other tasks.

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